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3 Tips That Can Help With Your Next Smog Check

When it’s time again to smog your vehicle either due to new out of state registration, CA state requirements, or change of ownership, you may ask yourself where should I go for a smog check and how can I increase my chances of passing?  To answer the first question, you can save yourself some time…

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Can a Tire Balancing Actually Save You Money?

Our automotive technicians attend to hundreds of vehicles with issues ranging from faulty batteries and oil leaks to dirty cylinders and worn tires.  While all general maintenance that can be performed on a vehicle has a positive impact to one degree or another, a simple tire balancing can provide a huge return in terms of…

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2011 Nissan Juke Complete Auto Theft Recovery

Vehicle theft can be an exhausting event in any car owner’s life online project planner. Aside from the loss of property and mental anguish, individuals need to deal with all the required insurance and legal processes. Occasionally, stolen vehicles are recovered and return to their owners, but sometimes not in the most ideal state. While…

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